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Introducing Ailo Labs
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28 January 2020

Ailo Labs uses big data to unpack the myths of our industry and bring you closer to your customer.

Our data science team took a look at some of the oldest, most heavily debated ideas in property management to unravel the truth behind the myths.

The why

Businesses that prioritise customer experience and anticipate customer needs will win.
Understanding your customer is the future. Ailo brings you closer to your customer with data powered property management tools and insights.

The how

Data. Algorithms. Industry expertise.
Since PMC17 our team of data scientists have worked to find out the truth behind industry myths. We've analysed 3 terabytes of data comprising of 250k managements over 24 months — stay tuned to see what we uncovered, the results speak for themselves.

Ailo Labs brings you Ailo — the data powered platform that helps property management businesses grow.

Extraordinary service businesses put customer experience and loyalty at the heart of what they do.
So, we’re going to help solve customer experience for property management businesses.

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