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Ray White Mermaid Beach found Ailo, and dove right in
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08 September 2021
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“Don’t dip your toe in. Ailo is better than other property management solutions. If you’re ready to invest, do it now and go all in”

Tiger Malan - Ray White Mermaid Beach
Ray White Mermaid Beach has earned the reputation as one of the most dynamic and innovative agencies in the Gold Coast’s competitive property market. The business is run by Tiger Malan, an entrepreneur with 10 years of property experience under his belt.
An award-winning agent, Tiger is always looking for ways to give his booming sales business and 350 rent roll an even stronger edge. And when he first heard about Ailo at an industry conference, he was intrigued.
It was the first business operation system he found that completely removed the trust account – and all the work and cost that went with it – without compromising on customer service.
“The old property management platforms never allowed us to focus on efficiency and exceptional customer experiences – but that’s what Ailo offers.”
Positioning his business far from the “stodgy old suits” stereotype, Tiger knew he needed to continually invest in the best technologies on the market.
“The real estate industry is behind the times when it comes to technology, and that leaves bigger, established brands vulnerable to new players with better tech who are slowly and silently chipping away at the market.”
Tiger started rolling out Ailo in his Mermaid Beach office in December 2020 and plans to expand it to his Broadbeach office later this year.
“By my calculations, Ailo should help us cut our costs of running this business by a third. That’s huge.”
Tiger Malan, Ray White Mermaid Beach
The cost savings Ailo offered once he had it up and running exclusively in his business were significant, and why Tiger stuck with it even when things got “a little dicey” at the beginning.
“Our first batch of properties to onboard last year was pretty clunky; it was tough. But as we’ve added more tranches, the customer experience has gotten better and better. Now Ailo’s onboarding is so smooth – it’s spot on.”
Today, Mermaid Beach’s landlords are impressed with the new level of service his property managers offer, including the extra visibility and option to get their money as soon as their tenant pays rent.
“If you sign a piece of paper and then get a statement emailed to you once a month and someone you barely know calls you with a problem every once in a while… it's no wonder so many property managers find it hard to justify their fees.”
But the industry, led by trailblazers like Ray White Mermaid Beach, is changing.
“The role of a property manager is shifting from professional arguer to someone who can really deliver an exceptional customer experience. And we need to invest in the best tools and technology to help our teams deliver this – that’s where Ailo comes in.”
His biggest piece of advice to other Ray White offices considering Ailo?
“Don’t dip your toe in. Ailo is better than other property management solutions. If you’re ready to invest, do it now and go all in.”
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