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Ailo Protect
Say goodbye to churn and hello to rent-roll profit

We all know that satisfied clients are the key to a successful business.

Ailo Protect discovers at-risk clients on your database, giving you time to build relationships and retain happy customers.

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Retention is the key driver of profit

Keeping your customers saves time, revenue, asset value and reputation. Losing customers will directly line the pockets of your competitors.

New business without retention will send you backwards

Growth, without a plan, is one of the biggest drivers of lost management.

It makes sense — finding and onboarding a new management takes substantial time and effort, impacting your relationship with existing customers.

Research shows the most profitable property management business do the best job at retention. It literally pays to look after your existing customers first.

Don’t give your competitors a leg up

The thing is, this is exactly what happens with lost managements.

Losing even a single management costs you $1000s in asset value and around $10,000 per property in lost sales commissions - money that goes straight to your competitor's bottom line..

Think your customers are loyal? Check again

Research shows the largest single reason given for lost managements across the industry is “other”.

Perform some quick research yourself and you will be surprised by just how many of your lost managements have been sold or are now managed by your competitors.

Fill in the gaps and start growing your business

Ailo uses a unique algorithm. We combine industry statistics with your client database to give you an accurate list of at-risk landlords.

Once you know about the problems, you can start plugging the gaps by building relationships to retain clients.

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