Why Customer Intimacy?
Profitable PM businesses grow by knowing their customers

Happy investors stay longer, pay more and generate more sales

Retaining investors is cheaper than finding new ones

Ailo research shows losing just one management can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in asset value and lost sales commission.

Investors will pay higher fees for a better experience
Customers will pay

Research shows customers will pay up to a 16% premium for a better customer experience and 73% point to experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, behind price and product quality.

Our data science proves this

Ailo research showed the best performing businesses in terms of growth charged higher fees than the businesses that did not grow over the same period of time.

Great service reduces investor, and team, churn
Help your team

An engaged team provides good service and good service creates loyal investors. Loyal investors provide good feedback which creates a successful and satisfied team.

Know what your investors want so your team will be empowered to provide exceptional service and be rewarded with great feedback when they do.

The best property managers want to work with the best businesses.

So how do you provide a winning investor experience?
It all starts with knowing your customer

Identifying your net promoter score (NPS) used to be the way businesses measured their customer satisfaction, however, NPS is no longer enough.

To provide great service you need to go deeper. You can't delight your investors if you don't know what they want. You need to know what they need, and want, so you can tailor your products and services to them.

How Ailo helps

Ailo is the world’s only customer experience platform for Property Management businesses.

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