Ailo Insights helps create happy investors that stay longer, pay more and generate more sales
Ailo Insights helps you manage the investor journey from acquisition to advocacy
Ailo builds your investor’s loyalty at every step of their journey with your business
Make every lead count
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Foster strong relationships
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Reduce client churn
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Generate word of mouth
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First impressions count. Ailo Insights helps you be an expert in your local market.

Before the management starts, Ailo Insights gets you on the front foot with lead management and a responsive app that works on the go — where you do.

Gain valuable feedback on why an investor decided to list a management with you or, why they didn't, and where you could have done better in the process.

Be the market expert

Know the market better than your competitors. Access to market information on every residential property in Australia, wherever you are.

Respond on the go

Ailo Insights works where you do. Call, chat, email and update your leads whenever, wherever.

Simple and intuitive

Designed with, and for, property management professionals. Say goodbye to sales CRMs and clunky databases.

Convert more leads

Survey your won and lost leads to understand why they chose you.

Property Search

Property search with market information about Australian residential properties.

Opportunity Management

Easy to manage pipeline built specifically for property management.

Pipeline Health

Know where you need to focus to hit your goals.

Conversion Rate

See how you perform over time and where you can improve.


Your day already planned with reminders to follow-up.


Email, or SMS, leads or customers from the app or web.


Survey won and lost customers.

Support your team

Whether you work individually or manage a BDM team Ailo Insights has you covered.

Tailor service to your investors. Ailo Insights helps identify their individual goals and preferences.

Ailo Insights captures and centralises meaningful feedback from your investors so you can better understand what they want and deliver personalised levels of service and drive loyalty.

Have confidence you’re not missing vital feedback. Ailo Insights' smart algorithm alerts you if investors are unhappy even if they don’t tell you.

Build relationships, not surveys

Ailo Insights automates the whole survey process from setup to send, allowing your team to focus on what is important.

Know your customers

Ailo centralises your customer feedback, tells you how your customers are feeling, and shows changes in satisfaction over time. Get live results while on the go.

Artificial Intelligence protects your rent roll assets

Ailo’s AI predicts if your customers are at-risk of leaving your agency — even if they haven’t told you they are unhappy.

Survey your investors

Get regular feedback every quarter.

Smart Scheduling

Automatically optimises for response rate and guards against survey fatigue

Manageable feedback frequency

Survey scheduling ensures you don’t get feedback all at once.

Trigger Based Surveys

Measure satisfaction automatically at key management events e.g repairs.

Live Feedback

Get survey responses instantly in-app or on the web.

Trust Link

Auto-import customers and managements from your Trust system.

Import your Contacts

No Trust, no problem. Import contacts via CSV file.

Satisfaction Score

Track changes in each investor’s satisfaction over time.

At-Risk Customers

Ailo’s “Protect” AI can predict “At Risk” customers over the next 3 to 6 months.

Improve growth and profitability. Arm your team with the information needed to build strong customer relationships.

Stay on top of what’s happening in your team with Ailo Insights' portfolio view. Identify where your team is excelling or where they need to improve. Winning teams provide winning service.

Having a high performing, customer dedicated team ensures continued growth and a high-profit property management business.

Build a high performing team

Know where to reward, or train and develop your team.

See how you’re improving

Track how your efforts are improving business growth and profitability.


Manage which customers to keep a close eye on.

Live Satisfaction Insights

Up to the minute insights that track satisfaction levels over time.

Satisfaction breakdown

See how you perform in key areas such as communication.

Team performance

Portfolio level business KPI and satisfaction reporting.

Business KPI’s

Track the overall health of your business.


Compare performance to your peers.

Reap the rewards of your hard work. Generate leads and referrals from customers who have become loyal advocates.

Celebrate your wins and inspire your advocates to shout it from the rooftops. Encourage them to tell family and friends how, and why, you are better than the competition.

Generate leads and referrals

Ailo Insights makes it easy to identify your most satisfied customers. Know who to reward with extra special service and who to ask for referrals, testimonials and reviews.

Inspire your team

Property management can be tough. Ailo Insights helps you find opportunities to celebrate your team wins. Building team advocates is as important to business growth as customer advocacy. Retain and attract the best property management talent.

Identify advocates

Search and find investors with the highest satisfaction ratings.

All this in one platform, available anywhere and on any device.