You deserve a great property manager

And great property managers use Ailo to give investors unprecedented transparency and more choices

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The ailo difference

Great experiences aren't built on old technology

Ailo is a groundbreaking platform that fundamentally changes how your property manager works day-to-day taking care of your investment.
But why should that matter to you? Because better technology helps them coordinate repairs quicker, keep you in the loop, be more responsive, pay off your mortgage sooner, and ensure your renters are safe, happy, and on top of rent. Learn more.

Level up with the Ailo app for property investors

Stay in control

Instant deposits,
control over payments

✅ Direct access to your funds 24/7
✅ See the moment rent is paid, even before it’s cleared by the banks
✅ Instantly transfer available funds to your bank account, instead of waiting until end-of-month*
*Ailo uses the New Payments Platform (NPP), so you can instantly transfer funds from Ailo to an eligible bank account within minutes, instead of waiting the usual 1-2 business days

See everything

24/7 visibility,
on-demand access

✅ Instant access to all of your real-time balances and statements
✅ See upcoming bills and expenses, so there's no end-of-month surprises
✅ A direct line to your property manager via quick chat

MORE Choice

Be the investor you want to be

✅ Set your cash flow preferences, including when and where your funds are deposited, and how bills are paid
✅ Nominate how you want to balance income, expenses and reporting across your property portfolio
✅ Choose to chat your property manager in app, email, or call

Property management shouldn't be one-size-fits-all

More than 100,000 people are finding success on Ailo.
Here are a few of their stories.
Brisbane, QLD

Andrew delegates everything

A busy professional in Brisbane, Andrew’s whole life sits on his mobile phone – and now his investment property does, too.
He checks in with his property manager from time to time via his Ailo app but otherwise lets everything hum along as usual. He loves the (optional) email notifications for when his rental income is transferred to his account.
Pro tip! Jump in anytime to see upcoming bills, so there are no surprises on your monthly statement!
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Euroa, VIC

Clair is paying off her mortgage faster

Clair owns two investment properties in northern VIC and is always looking for clever ways to make her money work smarter and harder.
She downloaded the Ailo app, so she can access her weekly rental income before the end of each month – and pay off her mortgage weekly instead of monthly.
Pro tip! Setup automatic transfers to instantly pay rent (even if it’s early!) into your offset account to minimise interest.
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Sydney, NSW

Duncan loves the 24/7 access

Balancing family life while building his own business, Duncan always knows what’s going on with his property despite his hectic schedule.
He can see how regularly his rent is paid on time, easily pull statements and bills at tax time, and skim updates from his property manager (instead of digging through his overflowing inbox!) – all in his Ailo app, and on his own schedule.
Pro tip: Pay all your bills via Ailo then forward your EOFY statement to your accountant who can handle it from there.
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Unlock all the benefits of Ailo

You don't have to download the Ailo app, but the perks speak for themselves
FAQs for property investors
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Need help setting up Ailo?

If your property manager has partnered with Ailo, you will need to wait to receive your email invitation before you can download the app and set up your account.
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