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Introducing Ailo

Transform your business with a single, powerful system

Adapt to rising consumer expectations, attract and retain strong property management teams, and unlock new ways to build a more profitable business. The Ailo platform:
✅ Pulls all your customer data and communication into one place
✅ Handles payments, accounting and compliance
✅ Creates simple, integrated and collaborative workflows for teams
✅ Helps you deliver new and better services to more customers

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Less stress & risk

Heather doesn't email herself at 3am anymore

Heather and her team have figured out the secret to squashing the stress for good. Not only are they sleeping better, but they’re more proactive, customer centric and ambitious in their growth goals too.
"What I really like is I can see and predict where my team is at and when they may need a little bit of extra support, so I can reallocate resources.
Ailo is giving my property managers confidence that they could have a higher number portfolio but continue to deliver the same level of service and not be stressed. That’s really important.
The other day one of my property managers told me she could easily manage more properties with the support of Ailo in comparison to what she was managing with our last system."
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Marie's secret to working less, but managing more properties

Marie dropped down to 4 days a week, and then increased her properties under management from 120 to 200 properties -- and still has no regrets!
"Ailo is a game changer. Really! I can’t say how good it is. It cuts back your workload, it helps with time management, it’s easy to see what’s going on and what needs to be done next, and it’s so much easier to communicate with your owners and tenants.
I always know what’s going on now, and it’s made our workflows so much more consistent. I love how messages from customers are linked to a Project. I don’t need to keep Gmail open in a separate tab anymore – everything is purely done out of Ailo."
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Better culture

Sam transformed his team’s culture and customer experiences

Sam was sure the old system they had in place “hadn’t changed since the internet was invented!” even though customer expectations had soared.
"We all expect things at our fingertips now. Renters and investors are a lot more savvy. It’s a ‘now’ generation and our clients expect modern technology.
Since Ailo, our culture has changed heaps. People want to be here and want to succeed. We have great technology with Ailo and capacity to take on new managements and grow. And how we do that is by using the thing we have that no one else has in our market: Ailo."
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Happier investors

Catherine’s stronger relationships with trades are a magnet for new investor

"When we get phone calls for new business one of the main questions we get is, 'how are your relationships with tradespeople?'
People know that in a small area it can be hard to get good tradespeople and we can say we’ve got amazing relationships because of Ailo.
For tradespeople to get paid quickly in a small community means that they can get paid straight away and not be out of pocket. So, we’ve built really strong relationships with certain tradespeople who are choosing to work with our agency over other agencies in the area."
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Why property managers give us 5 stars

One transformative platform that teams use powerfully and love deeply. Here's what a typical agency on Ailo experiences within the first 12 months.
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Hours saved
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Drop in overdue tenancies
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Save annually in bank fees
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Weekly product updates
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Unique data proves your better
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growth in properties under management

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