Psst... you know all those niggling, legacy issues in property management?We fixed them. Introducing the new Ailo
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Grow your business with real-time customer feedback Ailo Insights is a purpose built customer feedback platform for Property Management.
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"I’ve been trying for months to have someone talk with me about selling our investment property but no one has ever called me back."
"This branch of Village Realty must be the best in Australia, and if they aren’t they deserve to be! Thank you for such a wonderful experience as a landlord."
"Many requests to contact you were fruitless. Very close to leaving this company."
"Happy that you're seeking feedback"
"Excellent service. I would definitely recommend your services to a friend."
"I am very happy with my property manager Terri."
"We have to be asked multiple times for things to be actioned. We think you are very expensive for the service you offer. We are seriously considering changing agents"
"A special thanks to Shelly who is a gem. Thanks also to Lisa. I find any communication is passed on and dealt with so I think that’s a good team."
"Since Jason and Sam departed the level of communication and professionalism has been second to none. "
"Need to respond in a more timely manner instead of ignoring emails."
"Started out great but you guys have really dropped the ball lately. Simple things I requested to be done haven’t been done. My guess is it won’t be you guys paying for repairs when something dies that I requested be serviced regularly."
"We suffered some extremely high costs for small tasks."
"It was disappointing we had such a long wait for money to come in. Also, I think we caught the lady on the front desk on a bad day. She didn’t seem happy to see us."
"Currently you management is 7% when many charge 5% which I’m happy to pay if the service is of quality but I’m finding substantial issues with tradespeople."
"Tina is exceptionally helpful and professional."
"The current lease on my property expired in May this year but I haven’t been contacted asking if I would like the tenants placed on another 12-month lease and whether I’m in a position to raise the rent."
"Nicole has been very helpful and always follows up on emails. I have been approached many times by property agents to manage my properties. Nicole has qualities that make her a real asset."
"The service from your agency is pathetic, objectionable and a hideous example of customer service."
How it works
Survey your InvestorsSatisfaction surveys sent via email at key points during a management.
Investor ProfilesAccess your customer feedback and preferences, live and on the go.
Realtime DashboardsUp to the minute insights that track satisfaction levels over time.
Instant SetupAutomated survey process from setup to send.
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