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The secret to working less, but managing more properties
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18 December 2023
When award-winning property manager Marie O’Flaherty started using Ailo, it didn’t take her long to realise she was onto something special. Something that would end up sending her on an exciting new path in her career in real estate.
Marie is still Senior Property Manager at Ray White Upper Coomera, but her day-to-day work life looks very different, in a “game changing” kind of way.
She’s dropped down to four days a week (so she can enjoy life outside of work a bit more!), but she’s increased her properties under management from 120 to 200! And yet she has no burnout, no unruly inbox or to-do lists, and importantly, no regrets.
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How has your day-to-day changed since settling into Ailo?
Ailo is a game changer. Really! I can’t say how good it is. It cuts back your workload, it helps with time management, it’s easy to see what’s going on and what needs to be done next, and it’s so much easier to communicate with your owners and tenants.
For me, I had an interesting journey because when I first started using Ailo, I was managing about 120 properties and working five days a week, nine to five.
But after just 6 weeks on Ailo, I realised I had so much more capacity. I dropped down to four days a week and since then have taken on more properties and am now sitting comfortably at about 200 properties under management. And I even have time to train a junior team member. It’s not that my days aren’t hectic or busy (they are because that’s property management!); it’s chaos, but it’s under control now.
How did you manage to tame your inbox and to-do list?
Projects! I always know what’s going on now, and it’s made our workflows so much more consistent. I love how messages from customers are linked to a Project. I don’t need to keep Gmail open in a separate tab anymore – everything is purely done out of Ailo. It’s definitely cut down on my emails, too. Because of that, communication with my clients is 100% better. Our tenants are getting more responses, and quicker. And it’s so easy to keep our owners up-to-date, too.
What is your favourite feature so far?
I am really enjoying inspections in Ailo. It does have a lot of features and functionality that is similar to some of the other tools out there, but the other platforms made them so hard to find and use. Whereas in Ailo, the flow is intuitive so I feel like I’m actually using everything more effectively.
I’m loving all of the new release updates coming in weekly actually. There is so much being updated based on feedback from other property managers; it’s exciting. Paperless inspections is coming very soon, and I just can’t wait.
What is it like training new team members now?
Ailo makes it really easy to train new or really junior property managers just starting their careers. Everything is intuitive and just makes sense. Information is easy to find, and the processes are clear and easy to follow. You can’t muck it up!
In some of the other programs I’ve worked in, training was very, very clunky. You were always wondering where to put documents or where to find things. You know, do they go under the property, under the tenant, under the owner? Everything ended up all over the place and was so hard to find. But in Ailo, we’ve got Projects and everything is just linked together naturally. It just makes sense.
What do your clients think of Ailo?
Customer expectations have increased considerably over the past few years. They expect a lot from us, and so there is definitely pressure to up your game when it comes to delivering a personalised, great service and communicating regularly. And this is where Ailo helps us excel.
Owners love that they have control over their money and can even reduce their mortgage interest by disbursing their income more regularly. They just love it.
It’s been a gamechanger for our multi-property owners as well. All the details are in their Ailo app, so they can see that everything is under control. One of my owners has seven properties and he really likes the auto notifications when bills are due. And he has the flexibility now to pay bills outside of his rental income if he wants. It’s fantastic.
What would you do if you couldn’t use Ailo anymore?
I would find another Ray White agency using Ailo, and go work for them! It is just so good.