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Introducing Ailo for property managers
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03 February 2023
Being a property manager can be tough.
You’re managing hundreds of rentals at a time, and each one has its own… quirks.
Working with landlords and tenants is complicated, and keeping everyone in the loop, and on track, isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can feel like keeping on top of your inbox is all you can do.
Up until now, new technology has focused solely on increasing your capacity, forcing you to manage more with less. But consumer expectations keep increasing and existing solutions fall short – putting you on the backfoot.
You deserve better.
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So, we designed a better way; a new way based on three simple, yet powerful ideas:
  1. Property management should be a fulfilling and rewarding career.
  2. Giving consumers transparency and choice in how their rental is managed will make our jobs easier, not harder.
  3. Property management should be at the centre of any successful real estate agency, helping us build stronger relationships, lock in future listings and drive growth.
Introducing Ailo, a new category of property management technology.
We’ve removed the complexity by handling payments and accounting for you, helping you empower your customers with more choice and transparency, and making communication with landlords, tenants, suppliers and your team effortless by seamlessly integrating it into your workflows.
By removing the complexity, Ailo gives you time back to focus on the things you love about property management: building relationships with your community.
And by helping you deliver on what your customers want, Ailo helps your agency – and your career – grow.
Everyone wins.