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Your property portfolio in the palm of your hand
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20 September 2023
The Director of Network Development at Ray White, Andrew McCulloch also happens to own an investment property managed by Ray White Albury North.
Andrew’s whole life sits on his mobile phone, and now his investment property does, too.
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Why do you like Ailo?

I really like Ailo because it gives me one place to go to on my phone where I can check my bills, I can see when the rent's paid, and I can communicate with my property manager.
My whole life sits on my mobile phone. So it's sort of given me full circle to throw my investment in there as well.

How do you use the Ailo App?

The way that I use the Ailo app is I go in there if I've got to communicate with my property manager in any way. I find it really useful when I want to check and see if the rent is up-to-date. But also if I want to go in there and check if there's any bills that have been paid or unpaid. Also fantastic for tax time!

Why should other people use Ailo?

I think Ailo is for everyone, because it just makes life easy.
If you've got any sort of investment at all in the way of property, it just makes the whole process very simple and easy to use.

What features make Ailo easy to use?

My ability around technology is pretty limited. Normally it doesn't go beyond checking my emails. So the fact that I can jump in there and use this with ease means it's super easy to navigate.
Anyone can use it, from young to old.
One of the things I find really handy is that you don't even need to open the app. The notifications just come through - I can see that on my phone.
The other thing that it does well is it shoots through an email to me. So I don't miss anything that happens with the property.

How has Ailo helped your relationship with you property manager?

What Ailo has given me is a better relationship with my property manager. I'm able to really just get the facts that I need, straight from the app, which is fantastic, but I think it's also made life a lot easier for my property manager.
So if you're a property manager who's not currently using Ailo, I can highly recommend it. It just makes the whole process really simple, and it gives you the ability to give better customer service, in my opinion.