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Be one of the first, not the last
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19 January 2022
Dreaming of an extra staff member who is passionate about chasing arrears, completes receipting with their eyes closed, and really looks forward to end of month?
For the award-winning team at Ray White Albury North (NSW), Ailo is their favourite new staffer.
Managing Director Andrea Lever said, “The way I look at it, Ailo is another person in our office.”
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“Ailo takes care of all those time consuming tasks that usually get pushed down the priority list, like receipting and arrears, when urgent requests come up!”

Andrea Lever, Ray White Albury North
Ailo also helps out when another member of the team takes a well-deserved break.
“With communication all in the one spot, it’s now so much easier to take care of a colleague's portfolio - no more digging around for clues in emails and texts!” Andrea said.

“It’s going to blow your mind”

A cornerstone of the Border community, Ray White Albury North has a rich, 30 year history and the team pride themselves on their excellent service and putting their customers first. When they heard there was new property management technology that would revolutionise the way they worked and give their customers a better experience, they were all ears.
“Before making the decision to come on board, we asked our contacts already on Ailo within the network for feedback,” said Andrea.
We were told, ‘This is going to blow your mind.’
“We heard, ‘You’re not going to have to do daily bank recc, there’s no end of month, and your arrears are going to drop’. We also heard there was live chat in the app for clients to reach us and so much more transparency for investors.
“We were excited, and we’re happy to say, Ailo hasn’t disappointed!”

“The decrease in arrears is brilliant”

The transparency Ailo brings is also helping renters, and in turn, arrears are dropping.
“Our arrears are 11 per cent under the state average, which is very low.”
Rental Division Manager Jacinta Harrap said a lot of tenants are loving Ailo for letting them see exactly where they’re paid up to.
“A tenant came into the office and said ‘I’m sorry, I owe $92.85.’ We were stunned... We’d never had a tenant speak to us so proactively about being behind…and who knew the exact amount to the cent!”

Investors are “obsessed”

Ailo gives property investors a level of access to their rental income they’ve never had before.
“We love that property investors can choose to get paid whenever they want, and without us having to do a manual disbursement! When you’re at 600 properties, it feels like every day you’re making a payment for someone.
“We have a ‘flipper’ who currently has two properties with us and he is obsessed with Ailo. Cash flow is important to him and he appreciates being able to see where his renters are paid up to 24/7. He pays himself as soon as the money comes in.

More ways to pay

Another thing the agency’s property investors love is paying bills with a credit card.
“One of my vendors who is also a landlord wasn’t going to have his house professionally staged to sell. The stylist didn’t have credit card facilities and he was just going to pull the pin,” Andrea said.
“He ended up going ahead because he could pay through Ailo with credit card and had a great sales result.”

Talk of the town

As the only agency in the Border area using Ailo, the team is well aware they have set themselves apart from the competition with their new offering. They placed an advertisement in their local newspaper sharing their exciting news, and soon the real estate community was buzzing.
“I know competitors are talking. I’ve even had a couple reach out to me,” Andrea said.
“We’ve got a clear competitive advantage now. If that’s what your agency is looking for, I’d say be one of the first to get Ailo, not the last!”
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