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Meet Clair, she pays off her mortgage faster with Ailo
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30 November 2020
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How many property managers can prove they help customers pay off their mortgages faster?

With Ray White Euroa (VIC), property investor Clair gets her rent as soon as its paid, which means she can make mortgage repayments more frequently and reduce her overall interest!
We spoke to Clair about the unprecedented value she receives thanks to Ray White Euroa’s partnership with Ailo.

Tell us about yourself...

“My name is Clair and I have two investment properties with Ray White, one in Euroa and one in Shepparton.”

What do you enjoy about working with Ray White Euroa?

“I enjoy working with Ray White Euroa as I find Shane Thomson very knowledgeable, I’ve built a very good rapport with him and he always manages to put me at ease when I might be feeling a bit anxious.”

How does Ray White Euroa help pay off your mortgage faster?

“Through Ray White, using Ailo had enabled me to set up my mortgage payments differently, I can see when the money hits my bank account, enabling me to pay my mortgage off every week instead of monthly and the best part about that is it keeps my overall interest down which will keep any investor happy.”

What do you like about Ailo?

“Ailo helps me stay connected with my property manager as it’s instantaneous chat between myself and him, giving me quick responses to my query, whatever it may be.
“I [also] find Ailo really helpful in the management of my property as I can see when bills are due, the management fees have come out and the money’s cleared.”

What was it like to join Ailo?

“Getting on board with Ailo was really easy. It’s a simple as downloading the app - then you have all of your information for all your properties right there, anytime.”