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8 small (but mighty!) features delighting property managers today
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Juliette Hughes
25 May 2023
Ailo does a lot. It handles payments and accounting, pulls together all of your communication into one place, creates simple integrated workflows and tasks lists for teams, and helps you deliver a more personalised service and innovative new offerings to clients. All in a single platform.
But sometimes it’s the little things that can leave lasting impressions.
So, we asked a handful of our customers what small (but mighty!) features in Ailo have surprised and delighted them.
From side-by-side bills to creating your own template workflows, our property manager in residence Juliette Hughes goes through eight of the fan favourites.
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Watch the video for a sneak peak at how these eight features are helping property managers save time, take back control and delight their customers.
  1. Using Ailo to secure new managements (even before going live on our platform!)
  2. The single button to invite new renters and investors to the Ailo app
  3. Tailoring the schedule for resi and commercial rent invoices
  4. Project templating (aka customised workflows!)
  5. Project commenting
  6. Easily generate a PDF invoice for outgoings
  7. Side-by-side bill entry
  8. Bulk messaging to your customers