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We're retiring Ailo Insights, and building real-time customer feedback into Ailo
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Ben White
30 January 2023
At Ailo, our mission has always been to help property management businesses get closer to their customers – and to help them use those insights to build stronger, more profitable businesses.
In 2018, we launched Insights to help the industry measure customer satisfaction. And a few years later, we launched a groundbreaking business operating system called Ailo to help businesses influence it.
It has always been our vision to combine these two systems when the time was right into a single, powerful platform. A platform that helps businesses drive growth through a focus on customer intimacy and innovation. With thousands of users now using our flagship Ailo platform everyday, that time has come.
For this reason, we are sunsetting our Ailo Insights product on 31 March 2023 and discontinuing our standalone Insights app.
Our decision to retire Insights is enabling us to build out an integrated customer intimacy solution into our flagship Ailo platform much faster.
While this has been a tough decision, we’re excited to be re-focusing and fully committing to our vision to deliver one cohesive system that handles payments, solves communication, helps coordinate work, and provides a better experience for everyone.
Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us. If you are looking for a tool to replace Ailo Insights, we look forward to sharing our vision for how we will integrate real-time customer feedback into the Ailo platform later this year.