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Believe the Hype: How this agency achieved the arrears zero
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18 October 2021
Hype Realty is on a mission to put the heart back into property management.
Located on Queensland’s Gold Coast, the boutique real estate business was founded by 20-year industry veterans Mel Morey and Shannon Wheatley.
Passionate about raising the bar on transparency and service in the property management industry, the two entrepreneurs were thrilled to find a business operating platform that supported their vision for a truly customer-centric business model.
After only a few months on Ailo, the duo have not only seen a huge decrease in their day-to-day workload, they’ve also been able to pass on incredible benefits to their clients.
One of their biggest wow moments has been in arrears management.
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“Arrears used to sit at about 11%. Since we started using Ailo, it’s at zero. We barely think about arrears now!”

Mel Morey, Hype Realty (Qld)
That’s because on Ailo, it’s easier for tenants to never miss a rent payment since they have access to features like auto-pay, rent reminders, and the ability to pay rent with a credit card if cash is tight one month.
Queries from their renters have also dropped off as things are so simple and transparent. In their Ailo app, renters can see upcoming rent payments and expenses so there are no more paid-to date enquiries.
“With Ailo, it’s as easy as pushing a button and your rent’s paid,” Mel said.
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It’s great for landlords too.
“When Hype first made the switch to Ailo, one of our landlords was delighted to see his rental income arriving in his wallet more regularly, and called us straight away to tell us how thrilled he was!” Shannon said.
“Giving our clients faster access to their funds is a definite bonus!”

Talking the talk: Hype uses chat to respond to clients in record time

Communication is vital in the property management industry. In fact, it’s the single biggest driver of customer satisfaction. For Hype it was important, both personally and professionally, to live up to their commitment to to bring greater transparency and better communication standards to the industry.
Previously, clients contacted them by phone, email, text, even via their personal Facebook accounts. It was hard to keep everything straight. Now client queries are easily handled in Ailo via live chat.
“In a world where WhatsApp and Messenger are everywhere and so easy, consumers expect businesses will be available via text or live chat too,” said Mel.
According to research from Google and Forrester, brands with advanced communications such as chat services have higher NPS, CSAT, and revenue growth.
“Plus, all your client messages are in one place,” said Shannon.
“When someone is on holiday, all they need to do is pop the client call on hold, scroll up in the Ailo chat to see what correspondence you’ve had with them, and then you’ll be up to date.
“Having all of that information on hand means that holidays are just that – there’s no working in the background.”

“Where do we sign?”

They’re big fans of Ailo now, but initially Mel was skeptical. She had spent her career being the “accounts guru”, handling ALL the finances. It was a tough job, and a skilled one. How could software take on such a tricky, time-consuming task?
“I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t understand how they could remove all the work and stress that goes with [trust accounting],” she said.
That is, until Ailo put Hype in touch with another client to get an unfiltered insight into using the platform.
“I wanted to speak to someone in property management that was using it. We wanted to hear all the pros and cons,” Mel said. “After speaking to them, I was convinced from that minute. I said, ‘where do we sign?’”
Now super users, Shannon and Mel love working with Ailo’s product team to preview upcoming features and provide their feedback on Ailo’s weekly product releases.
“We had a meeting recently with the Ailo team showing us what features are coming up next, and it just gets better and better. We are really excited,” Shannon said.
“We love Ailo so much, and we’re excited to be on the journey,” Mel said.