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Customers have told us what they want, so why wait?
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19 October 2021

Customer expectations are at an all time high. Understanding their needs, and exceeding expectations, is now table stakes for real estate agencies who want to grow their rent roll.

Over the past 18 months, pandemic-driven lifestyle changes have accelerated consumer expectations, especially when it comes to real-time communication and payments, more transparency and digital experiences.
According to McKinsey, companies who invest in customer intimacy are more likely to increase adoption and maintain these customer relationships after the crisis.
To keep turning heads and opening wallets, here are three emerging benchmarks every business owner focused on growth should consider.

78% of consumers say real-time access to financial information is extremely/very important

With lockdowns impacting job security and consumer spending, it's not surprising that, according to Fiserv, having real-time access to financial information became extremely important for many during the pandemic.
Ailo allows for better financial planning and gives investors a sense of security over their finances with access to real-time data on rent payments, bills and fees around the clock. Property investors can easily track their cash flow and expenses via their mobile app, and they can even see when rent has been paid before it hits their bank account.

Consumer demand is rising for real-time payments

As Matthew Wilcox of Fiserv observes, “If consumers can get diapers delivered to their doorsteps the day they order them, it's hard to justify not being able to move money the same day”.
With Ailo, property investors get just that. They no longer have to wait until the end of the month to receive their rent. They can elect to get paid as soon as their rent is paid or on a schedule that better suits their financial needs. Not only can they manage their cash flow more effectively, but they could even pay off their mortgages sooner if that’s their goal.
“How Perspective helps landlords pay off their mortgages faster”
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Chat is now a preferred communication channel for 1-in-2 consumers (Google and Forrester 2020)
Ailo’s data shows that time and time again, communication is the single biggest driver of customer satisfaction in property management.
With Ailo chat, property managers find it easier to communicate efficiently. They can quickly share files and photos, answer queries when they’re on the go, and work through issues promptly without the unnecessary formality of traditional communication tools (like email!). Plus conversation histories are saved, making it easy to pick up where you left off.
Amanda Waa is a property investor with Thrive Property (NT) and she loves Ailo’s instant messaging.
“What I love about the Ailo chat function is that it gives us access to our property manager [faster]. If we’re in the middle of talking about a repair or if I have a quick question, I just open the app and send a message,” Amanda said.
With less time spent on financial admin, better communication and a more transparent customer experience, Ailo helps property managers deliver a game-changing customer experience.

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