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Don’t tell the other guys…
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03 November 2021
Located on NSW’s South Coast, Ray White Batemans Bay was just like other agencies - they had that one tenant who created a lot of work for the team. He came into the office multiple times a week to manually part-pay his rent and was constantly being chased about arrears.
When the team switched to Ailo, the tenant swore he wouldn’t use it. So the staff were pleasantly surprised when he called them and said “This is the best thing since sliced bread, and I’m going to tell all my friends!” He’s rarely late with payments now.
Catherine Wells, Senior Property Manager, said switching to Ailo was “a leap of faith, but it has paid off ten-fold.”

The tradies’ favourite

Before Ailo, the team had to manually pay tradies for maintenance and repair jobs twice a month. Now, tradies are paid right away.
“Being a small local area, we have tradies who really appreciate being paid straight away and can’t afford to wait,” Catherine said.
“When we mention how quickly they can get paid now that we use Ailo, they are super happy and far more likely to take our jobs. I really like that we can provide that for our local community, and we don’t have to wait like we used to!”

Arrears halved thanks to Ailo

Since using Ailo the agency has seen a massive drop in arrears.
“Even though we used to send arrears notices from our old system, they didn’t have much impact – we still spent hours chasing every week!” Catherine said.
Now with Ailo, tenants have the option of using auto-pay, they receive automatic reminders, and they have more ways to pay, like paying with a credit card.
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“We actually didn’t realise how much time we were putting into chasing arrears until we started using Ailo.”

Catherine Wells, Senior Property Manager, Ray White Batemans Bay

Don’t tell the other guys

Penny McManus, Business Development Manager and Leasing Associate, said Ailo was a new selling point to tell her clients about.
“I told an investor, ‘No-one else in the bay has got it, and you get paid right away’, and she was absolutely stoked. She thought it was fantastic,” Penny said.
“The investor now has so much flexibility and transparency, they can see what monies are coming in and going out in real-time.”
With so much interest from potential clients, Steven Mason, the award-winning Ray White Batemans Bay Principal, is looking forward to using Ailo to give clients exceptional service, win more managements, and drive growth for the agency into 2022.
“Not much has changed in the property industry for god knows how long! And now we’ve got this amazing technology.”
“Other real estates might come on board later, but we’ve got the front foot advantage now,” he said.

“Don’t tell the other guys about Ailo. That’s all I have to say!”

- Steven Mason, Ray White Batemans Bay Principal
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