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How Ailo is helping Ray White Bowral kick goals
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08 September 2021
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Ray White Bowral is nestled in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The business is run by Gene Fairbanks, an award-winning sales agent and entrepreneur and retired professional Australian rugby union footballer.
In addition to a booming sales business, Gene runs a property management business with more than 70 managements and earlier this year was recognised as a Ray White Chairman’s Elite Performer.
Gene was introduced to Ailo in April 2020 and was intrigued by what the platform had to offer his landlords – including unprecedented visibility into payments and upcoming repairs, and faster access to rental income.
“As a landlord, why wouldn’t you want your rent as soon as it’s paid? Why wouldn't you want access to real time data to be able to track your investment? Being able to manage your property with Ailo removes so much stress for our clients – this is the way it should be,” said Gene.
Any business can say they help their clients maximise their investment, but what Gene loved about Ailo was that he could now prove it. And Ray White Bowral has seen a significant uplift in customer satisfaction as a result.

Has software ever helped you win a new client?

With happier customers up her sleeve, Ray White Bowral property manager and BDM Kate Facer started using Ailo to drum up new business.
She worked closely with Ailo’s marketing team to help her build out her growth strategy by integrating the Ailo offering into her listing presentation, sales scripts, direct mail drops, and social media video campaigns.
And as word got out about their enhanced offering, Ray White Bowral started generating some serious buzz – including a local radio appearance and newspaper article positioning the team at the forefront of property management.
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“Ailo has differentiated our business 100%, because we are offering something that no one else can… There’s already talk around town that we are the only business doing something different.”

Gene Fairbanks, Ray White Bowral

22 tedious tasks Kate crossed off her to-do list

Kate was born and raised in the Southern Highlands and uses this, along with her family’s 29 years’ experience in strata management, to deliver outstanding local knowledge and customer service to her clients through Ailo.
She said the change to Ailo was admittedly challenging at first, but it was worth it.
Ailo saves the team about 5 hours a week – especially when it comes to managing payments and accounting
Kate no longer has to do daily reconciliations, mid and end-of-month statement runs, receipting, exception reporting, landlord disbursements, daily bank files, calculating rent increases to the adjusted day and then chasing any shortfalls, etc.
When asked if they would recommend Ailo to other Ray White agencies, Gene and Kate gave a resounding yes: “Ailo is amazing, and it's just going to get better and better.”