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How this agency cut down overtime, reduced stress, and removed a week's worth of work!
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20 June 2022
Who doesn’t love the feeling of leaving work on time, knowing that you’re about to relax for the evening?

Unfortunately, for many property managers their long working hours often prevent this.

Not at Ray White Gloucester, NSW, though – because visionary Property Management Operations Manager Louise Schofield uses Ailo to give her team hours back in their schedules, which means no crazy overtime, and far less stress.

Louise has over 10 years of expertise in property management, currently overseeing the Property Management operations for three agencies in NSW - Ray White Gloucester, Ray White Dungog, and Jacksonwall.

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“Ailo saves the team over a week’s worth of work - about 40 hours a month. It gives me more one-on-one time with my staff, and the space to provide guidance and advice. I can make sure we’re providing excellent value to our customers.”

Louise Schofield, Operations Manager, Property Management Division
“We are sticking more to the nine to five, rather than six to eight, and being able to leave the office on time.

“If you’re waiting for a notification or a response, you don’t need to stay at your desk waiting. You can get it on the move on the Ailo app. And then turn it off for the evening!” Louise said.

“Ailo is giving us all a much better work/life balance.”

Louise’s team supports property investors all over the country.

“When we introduced Ailo to our investors, we explained that once their tenant pays their rent, the funds go directly to their Ailo Wallet, which the investor can access straight away.

“Once they understood how the system worked, they were very happy!”

A popular feature, with renters as well as staff, is Ailo’s built-in chat.

“Our renters can send us a chat message about a maintenance issue, and a quick reply lets them know that we’re onto it. Since we got Ailo, they’re not picking up the phone as much and that saves so much time for us and for them. It’s much more efficient, and it’s easier to keep track of requests.”

Another advantage? You don’t have to be a tech expert to use Ailo!

“When we are onboarding new staff, they get the hang of the Ailo system very quickly. It cuts down the time it takes to train new staff,” Louise said.

“Our staff also don’t need to spend so much time on trust accounting, because Ailo does most of that for them.”

A brighter future for property managers

Louise said the prime role of a property manager is problem-solver.

“From arrears to maintenance, you’ve got to look at what the problem is and come up with a solution. You have to think on your feet, be fast, and adapt,” she said.

While property managers are known for their multi-skilled nature (interior designer, accountant, administrative expert, and more) the demands of the role can be overwhelming.

Louise firmly believes technology like Ailo will be the industry’s saving grace.

“Business owners need to really look at the tools their staff need to do their work. Technology is absolutely going to be the most important thing going forward.

“The more technology we’ve got, the more we can work towards addressing those problems in the industry like burnout and stress.”

Louise Schofield, Operations Manager, Property Management Division
“When we saw Ailo doing things that are cutting-edge, I thought, ‘let’s be on the front foot now.’  In a few year’s time, we’ll no longer have the advantage of being ahead of the pack. Everyone else will have caught up,” Louise said.

“There’s no way I would ever go back to what it was like before. No thank you!"

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