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How this agency reclaimed their holidays
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02 May 2022
Manual accounting has no place on a Fijian holiday.

For Tennille Mugridge, Managing Director of Home Specialist Property Management (NSW, Central Coast), this was a sad reality, every Christmas.

Until she discovered Ailo, that is.

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“I can’t tell you how many times I did end-of-month in December from Fiji. Not anymore! Ailo takes care of that.”

Tennille Mugridge, Managing Director of Home Specialist Property Management
Three main things persuaded Tennille to take the plunge and get Ailo for her business. The first? Not having to manually receipt rent every morning.

“I love not having to do a download every morning for rent payments. It’s so time consuming.”

The second? Auto bill payments.

“We used to spend a lot of time every Friday paying our suppliers. With Ailo this is no longer considered a task for our team - bills get paid automatically through the app and they even get paid faster, which is fantastic for our partners!” Tennille said.

“The third aspect of Ailo I love is that I can reduce the transactions in the trust account and get some of our business banking fees down!”
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Tennille said with Ailo, rent is largely getting paid on time, all the time, so investors are happy too.

“There’s a variety of ways for tenants to pay rent, and handy reminders, so payments are much less likely to get missed. Arrears for our agency are now basically non-existent,” she said.

Ailo has given Tennille her holidays back, and a whole lot more. Home Specialist was an early adopter of Ailo (sixth on board!) and Tennille and her team have played an important role in shaping the product into what it is today.

“There’s lots of benefits to joining early. There’s been a lot of suggestions we have made that the Ailo team has directly taken on board.

“I feel like we get to customise this amazing system for property management that actually works and makes our lives easier.”

With more than 20 years’ experience in the property management industry, Ailo gives Tennille and her team time back in their day to use that expertise to give their investors the guidance they want.

“It’s not just about doing the tasks related to property management, it’s about the bigger picture. With administrative and accounting tasks off our plate, we're able to really connect with our clients,” she said.

Ailo has been a hit with Home Specialist’s investors and tradies too.

“For hands-on investors who enjoy getting stuck into the details, Ailo is a life-saver as they can check the status of rent payments. They can set up auto transfers, as well as pay themselves manually, so that they never need to ask for their money.

“Ailo is really gaining momentum, particularly with investors. An existing client asked for help locating an Ailo agency in Sydney for his second property.

“He loves using Ailo through Home Specialist and how quickly he can access his funds, and wanted the same experience for his second property!

“For tradies, thanks to Ailo’s automatic payment settings, they’re getting paid as soon as the funds are there.

“It’s not only great to support our suppliers with fast payments, it means tradies are more likely to take our jobs because they don’t have to wait weeks to be paid,” Tennille said.
“For me, that’s a huge advantage.”

When it comes to the Ailo team, Tennille said “the team is incredible”.

“If we ever get stuck, we just get in touch with the Ailo Support team and it’s sorted. The support staff are so knowledgeable – they know the platform inside out and they’re great with clients.
“We really do love Ailo.”