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Inspections and repairs made easier!
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18 November 2022
“I love using multiple programs to do my job. Jumping between tabs and digging through emails is the highlight of my day,” - said no property manager ever.
Do you want the good news, or the good news? With Ailo, you can conduct all of your inspections and repairs work in one place.
Read on for a run down…

Ailo Inspect

Schedule, conduct and deliver consistent and high quality inspection reports with the Ailo Inspect mobile app.
Syncing seamlessly with your Ailo desktop app, you can:
  • Schedule your day
    With just a few clicks, you can schedule inspections from the Projects page and use pre-filled message templates via Gmail or Ailo Chat for easy communication!
  • Complete Inspections faster
    Easy-to-follow room templates and condition ratings. Upload photos from your mobile and record notes using dictation or your keyboard. Notes from past inspections logged in Ailo are also carried over!
  • Communicate on-the-go
    There are quick links to call, text or email your renters and investors from the mobile app.
  • Keep track of keys
    Store and manage property key details.
  • Work offline
    Complete reports in the mobile app without an internet connection. They’ll sync with your desktop app when you’re back online!
Note: Ailo Inspect is only available on the App Store and to Ailo customers.

Repairs and Maintenance

A Projects workflow for repairs and maintenance makes it easier to gather quotes, send work orders and keep track of progress - all from Ailo
  • Easy to follow workflows
    Everything you need to do to complete a repair is listed in the Project. Tick tasks off when you’re done to keep track of your progress
  • Time-saving communication
    Send editable message templates to renters, investors and suppliers from Ailo Chat or your Gmail. The messages you send save to the project for quick reference too!
  • Farewell tab jumping
    Everything you need to conduct a repair now lives in Ailo.