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It's not about shiny pennies – it's about being better
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28 August 2023
We interviewed Melanie Collins from Ray White Port Macquarie a few months before her agency onboarded onto Ailo to hear what she was looking forward to most about the transition. Here's what she had to say...
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Meet Melanie Collins, a Senior Property Manager at Ray White Port Macquarie.

Why did Ailo pique your interest?

We were looking for something that's fresh, something that's innovative [and that helps us] communicate better with our clients.
We have a lot of agencies in our town that do the sort of shiny penny stuff but we want to get better, be better. We want to offer our clients something better, something that they're not offering them, you know, something that we can be a leader of the pack with.

How do you think Ailo will make your job easier?

Just the trust accounting stuff is out of this world. The fact that landlords can get paid when they want. The fact that our trades can get paid whenever they want. 
It betters our relationships.
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I can now be the BDM I want to be and actually go out there and actually grow our rent roll because I won't be stuck in the office doing trust accounting.

Melanie Collins, Ray White Port Macquarie