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Our integration with Centrelink
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20 October 2023
We understand that for some renters finding money for the next rent is not always easy.
That’s why we partnered with Centrelink to help Australians in times of major change manage their rent payments via Centrepay, a free and voluntary service provided by the Australian government that allows renters to cover rent directly from their Centrelink payments.
Ailo is the first and only payments platform in the industry to fully integrate with Centrepay.
That means if you’re an Ailo and Centrelink customer, you can set up your rent payments in Centrepay and have the rent paid directly from Centrelink. This payment method is free for renters. Instead, the agency or property investor will absorb a $0.99 transaction fee charged by Centrelink, and Ailo absorbs the subsequent transaction fees.

Offering Centrepay is a win-win for everyone

Centrepay was designed to help Centrelink customers budget and manage their bills, including their rent payments. It helps provide peace of mind to renters who may need extra support by ensuring that their rent is always paid on time and in full.
“Centrepay provides an invaluable service, and I can’t imagine not offering renters the choice to pay their rent this way,” said Shane Thomson, Property Manager and Licensed Real Estate Agent at Ray White Euroa.
“When any of our clients are in strife and ask for help, the first question we ask is can we get them setup on Centrepay. It gives them more control; they know their rent is covered and they don’t need to worry.
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“Centrepay provides an invaluable service, and I can’t imagine not offering renters the choice to pay their rent this way,”

Shane Thomson, Property Manager at Ray White Euroa
“It’s win-win. Everyone benefits when rent can be consistently paid on time and in full without the stress,” he said.
But not enough property managers accept Centrepay as a payment method, because managing the payments can be extremely manual and error prone.
At Ailo, we believe that by helping property managers seamlessly process Centrepay rent payments, more and more agencies will be willing to offer receipt of this type of payment.
That is why, once Centrepay has been set up for an agency and tenancy in Ailo, there is (literally!) no further intervention required by the property manager until the end of the tenancy.
“With Ailo, all Centrepay payments are processed automatically, so there's no downloading reports, no reconciliation, no creating rent credits, and no mistakes. It's set and forget!” – Tony Kinner, Head of Product at Ailo
As well as saving property managers time (no receipting, reconciling and rent credit creation), Ailo removes the opportunity for error in manually reconciling the Centrepay rent payment and frees the property manager to spend more time on higher value creating tasks.
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“As a property manager, we don’t even have to think about it once we get a client setup on Ailo with Centrepay. The payments and reconciliation, it’s automatic. It just happens in the background.”

Shane Thomson, Property Manager at Ray White Euroa

Interested in using Centrepay?

If you are a Centrelink customer, please reach out to your property manager to set your Centrepay rent payments via Ailo today. If your full rent amount is covered by Centrepay, use the Ailo app simply to monitor your payment history, pay bills or chat with your property manager. If only part of your rent is covered, visit our Help Centre to understand your rent payment options and learn more about our fee waiver program for concession card holders.
If you are a renter interested in learning more about Centrepay, you can access more information and resources through Services Australia, including how to set up Centrepay, Centrepay deduction forms, and frequently asked questions.
If you are a property management business interested in registering for Centrepay, please visit Services Australia: Centrepay for Businesses.