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Ray White Euroa adapts in the wake of a pandemic
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24 November 2020
Adapting their strategy in the wake of the pandemic, Ray White Euroa (VIC) partnered with Ailo to focus more on customer communication and importantly, get rental income to their property investors even sooner.
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Head of Property Management at Ray White Euroa (VIC), Shane Thomson, discusses how he delivers unprecedented value to his clients by using Ailo.

Tell us about yourself...

My name is Shane, I’m part of Ray White Euroa and we’re in our fifth year of operation. We’ve got 70 properties under management and I love working in property management because it allows us to deliver a real customer experience.

What goals did you set in these difficult times?

Our client relationship goals as an agency is to deliver value to our clients that enables them to get the most out of their investment property.

How are you using Ailo to meet these goals?

Ailo allows us to add more choice and transparency. Through the app we enable our customers to pay off their mortgage faster by having access to their rental funds when it becomes available, which allows them to either bank it up and conduct some repairs and maintenance, or put it straight to their mortgage account and get that paid down.

How are you adding value to your investors?

We’re able to provide more choice to our customers in terms of bill payments, and through the Ailo App they can pay via direct debit, credit card or even from rental funds received.
Our day-to-day work as a property manager can be quite busy with lots of communication with our investors and tenants, making sure your rent gets paid and if it doesn’t get paid, chasing all of that up. The real advantage of Ailo is that it’s helped with the chat functionality to answer people on the go, and send a quick message.

What was it like to join Ailo?

Coming on board with Ailo was a really simple process. We had access to their support team who helped with [the onboarding] of our renters and investors.
I would most definitely recommend Ailo to other property managers, simply because it allows you to focus more on communication and that overall customer experience.