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How one Brisbane agency saved $20K on bank fees with Ailo
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20 December 2022
Colin Walsh is onto a winner.
While the Principal of Ray White Inner Brisbane Apartments is busy smashing sales targets, Colin’s also got his finger firmly on the pulse of his property management business.
“What’s better than earning a sales commission? Securing the new buyer as an investor, and then managing their business until they’re ready to sell again.”
“Do it wrong and you’ll lose millions, but get it right and you’re laughing.” said Colin.

Building and sustaining a dynamite team

You can’t provide incredible service and get that end sale without a dynamite team.
Maryann Butson, Colin’s Head of Operations said, “It’s no secret that recruitment is incredibly tough right now. Our jobs are complex, there’s an ever shrinking pool of talent, and legislative changes are making things even harder.”
A few months back Colin and Maryanne were struggling to find a good candidate, so when they finally met their latest recruit Amanda, they knew they needed to impress her.
“When we spoke to her about Ailo and how it will make her job as a property manager easier, we did a deal right there in the interview,” said Maryann.
Amanda Correa, Property Manager, agreed, “On the day I met Colin and the team, I received four job offers! One of the things that made Ray White Inner Brisbane stand out from the rest was Ailo…it proved that Colin was progressive and committed to finding ways that will improve the experiences of his staff.”

It’s like smooth sailing

“In my 10 years of experience, I never imagined a program like this would exist.
Not only are tasks completed faster but the things that I used to dread, like bond refunds and chasing arrears, are automated. I open the app and say ‘oh that’s done’…. It’s like smooth sailing,” said Amanda.

Transparency, Transparency, Transparency

Colin is a huge fan of the Dashboards in Ailo.
“Never before in my career have I been able to proactively check the status of arrears, overdue bills, vacant properties or new business."
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“I used to have a whiteboard that never got updated, but with Ailo all of that valuable information to conduct a health check is accessible with a click of a button. Now I skip that initial conversation and go straight into problem solving mode with the team,”

Colin Walsh
Speaking of arrears - they’re the lowest they’ve ever been in Colin’s career!
“Out of my 550 PUM, I only have 1 property in arrears. Now that you can see payments live in Ailo, the game has changed. There’s nowhere to hide”.

Colin saves $20K a year

The financial gains Ailo has given Ray White Inner Brisbane Apartments took Colin by surprise.
“On bank fees alone, I’m saving close to $20,000, and we barely use our trust account anymore.”
“Our arrears are down, and because Ailo’s dashboards make it really easy to see when leases are due for renewal I’m able to keep my income consistent,” said Colin.
Colin and Maryann have also been able to redeploy their team member who used to handle the Trust Account back to client facing activities - adding valuable resource and capacity back into the team.
“Ailo has come in and completely changed my business for the better. We’re providing a better service to our customers, saving money and happier overall as a team.

Meanwhile, Colin’s competitors are still discounting…

“I was one of the first agencies in Brisbane to invest in, and it’s my biggest point of difference.”
“Both renters and investors expect a high service and most customers are happy to pay for it. But you need to be able to provide it and prove it. With Ailo, I can do just that… while my competitors are still discounting.” said Colin