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Social Property Agents gets 10 hours back a week with Ailo
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10 September 2021
Social Property Agents is an independent sales and property management business located in Cronulla, one of Sydney's most in-demand beachside markets.
Part owner Diane Dooley leads the business' fast-growing property management arm. With over 20 years experience, Diane is a passionate customer champion who believes that regardless of whether you’re a renter or a property investor, “everyone should be a winner”.
One of the ways Diane delivers on that assertion is by searching for tools to help her deliver a better experience for everyone. Ailo is the first platform to actually offer her that opportunity.

Social Property Agents cut rent arrears by 50%

Social Property Agent’s renters have the ability to check their paid-to date in their Ailo app 24/7, and automated emails and text notifications make it easier for renters to pay on time.
“One of the most immediate and significant effects Ailo had on my business was the reduction I saw in rent arrears. After just a few months, I saw a 50% decrease in arrears – and it’s pretty much next to nothing now!”
With Covid-19 creating uncertainty for many, Ailo also provides her property investors with reassurance their investment income is secure and consistent.
“My customers love that they can check their Ailo app at any time, day or night, to see how their property is tracking. They can see when rent has been paid and what bills are coming up. This transparency is so appreciated right now and helps put everyone at ease.”
Social Property Agents’ existing property management software provided an owner portal that allowed landlords to manually log in on a desktop to access statements and other information relating to their properties.
“Barely anyone used our old landlord portal, so my team spent a lot of time fielding enquiries, even on the weekends. But now my landlords love how easy and convenient it is to instantly access information about their properties on their mobiles!”

Team work is easier than ever

Sharing responsibilities across the portfolio could sometimes be a painful process for Diane and her team. “Digging through emails was time consuming, and if you forgot to CC each other on a chain, you could lose track of a project and get roadblocked.”
But now they use Ailo Chat to streamline communication and work flows. With conversation threads accessible to everyone on the team, it’s easy to check-in on the status of projects, “We don’t need to check in with each other as much, which in turn frees up our time to focus on more meaningful work.”

Finally, time to focus on new business!

With less time spent playing catch up, managing the trust account, not worrying about chasing rent, or dealing with receipting and daily reconciliations, Diane finally has capacity to focus on growing her rent roll.
“I 100% believe Ailo will help us attract new business. The fact that my clients can access their income and investment updates instantly is exciting, but the fact that they can do it via their mobile phone is incredible.

Ailo dream team

Diane’s eyes light up when she talks about Ailo’s support and product teams.
“My questions are answered on the same day, issues are rectified quickly and they actually listen to feedback and do something about it.”
“Every feature release makes Ailo even better, and it’s exciting to both be on, and influence, the journey.”