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Tech, tacos, and a massive mission: Working at Ailo
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10 November 2021

Ailo has a big mission.
We’re rebuilding property management from the ground up.

So why have we taken on this gigantic task? Well, one-third of Australians live in a rental home and one-in-eight own one, but the experience is often… not great.
Renters have to shout to be heard. Property investors have little visibility into what’s going on. And property managers are shackled to old technology that creates more cost, risk and work than value for customers.
So, we’re building the world’s first five-sided marketplace to help transform a massive 'lemons market' into something sweeter.
It’s a lot of hard work, but we know we can achieve our goals with our outstanding team of engineers, product managers, creatives, strategists and doers working from all over the world.
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Let’s taco ‘bout how we work together at Ailo

We run on innovation, imagination, and coffee. And we celebrate each other’s hard work with tacos – the emoji and the real kind.
“When you work with smart people, hard things become easier,” said Norah Han, a Product Manager at Ailo.
“Work hours are fun hours and you get the thrill of solving difficult problems every day.”
For Product Designer Lisa Deng, Ailo is “a great place to work if you just want to get stuff done”.
“No messy politics or in-fighting. The company has a clear direction and sets ambitious but achievable goals to get there,” she said.
“People are smart, friendly and know how to execute. New product improvements are released every day. It’s a great place to learn and grow alongside a rapidly expanding business.”
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A culture of candour

At Ailo, we’re big believers in Conway’s Law and index meaningful communication above all else.
We’re always direct with each other, and we definitely disagree sometimes! But when the time comes, we unite behind our decisions.
Software Engineer Kevin Lee is a big fan of this transparency.
“I love how everyone at Ailo is upfront – we respect each other too much to be otherwise. It’s so refreshing!” Kevin said.
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Teamwork? It makes the dream work

It might sound cliché, but it’s true. We just achieve more working together.
“What I love about Ailo is that there are new, hard, crazy challenges we have to work together to overcome every day,” said onboarding specialist Haron Bahari.
We know that you can only create customer value by bringing together the right people at the right time in the right way. 
For Product Manager Ilya Novikov, that’s one of the best parts. “Working at Ailo is about solving difficult problems for real people with a team that can pull it off. It’s fun too!”
One thing we never do is work in silos. The dreaded silo structure plagues businesses big and small; different teams working isolated from their colleagues and the organisation’s larger mission.
While our strength lies in our diversity, we believe the only way to build great software that will change people’s lives is by working cohesively across adjacencies. So we like to blur the lines between teams.
Emma Silva, from the Marketing team, loves how cross-functional working at Ailo is.
“On any given day, I’ll work with product, design, ops, support, etc., or even directly with our founders. There’s a real ‘team’ mentality here, and no one is too busy or important.”

Like what we stand for?

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