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Using Ailo Chat for gold standard communication
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20 August 2021
The Olympics may be over, but the game of property management remains as fierce as ever. Happy customers = more trust = better relationships all round. One of the simplest ways to keep customers on side is by providing medal-worthy communication.
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“Our data has shown us time and time again that communication is the single biggest driver of customer satisfaction in property management”

Ben White, Ailo Co-Founder

Introducing Ailo Chat…

Accessible on both your desktop and mobile apps, Ailo Chat is specially designed for property managers to help make customer communication a more delightful experience.
You can quickly share files and photos, answer queries when you’re on the go, and work through issues promptly without the unnecessary formality of traditional communication tools (like email!).

How to win Gold in Ailo Chat

Want to be less reactive and get ahead of the follow-up? Read on...

Reduce the wait time

Because chat is as easy as texting, the opportunity for fast, real-time communication is right at your fingertips. If you receive a chat message, try to respond within four hours, even if it’s a placeholder to let the sender know their message has been seen.

Keep it short and sweet

With chat, you no longer need to include the formalities that traditional tools like email require. In time, you’ll find your customers will learn to respond in a similar way - feedback loops will decrease in time and problems will get solved much faster!

Our top tips include:

  1. Using a friendly and conversational tone
  2. Short and sharp messages, breaking longer messages across multiple sends if needed
  3. Forgo formal sign-offs such as “Sincerely” or your full name
  4. Send an emoji, they often convey more than your words! 😄

Surprise and delight

Send your investors a quick happy birthday message or wish your favourite customer a good day to let them know you’re thinking about them. Minimal effort to create a happy customer!

Add an image to your profile

Did you know that you can personalise your Ailo profile by adding a photo of yourself?
Putting a face to a name can be a powerful tool in helping build trust and more effective communication between you and your investors and renters. Click here for instructions in our Help Centre.