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We’ve got the property management dream team
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25 October 2021
Were you watching the worldwide smash hit Squid Game and thinking to yourself, “who would I want on my team to help me win big?”
If property management were a high-stakes life-or-death game (which, let’s be honest, it feels like that sometimes) our Ailo dream team is the crew you want on your side!
They might not wear matching tracksuits, but our on-staff Customer Success Managers are experts in real estate, and draw on their own experience in the industry to help time-poor PMs triumph and get the most out of Ailo.

Meet your teammates!

Introducing, Marie Carillon

Former PM and BDM, 5+ years experience
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“As a former property manager and BDM, I get just how much a property manager juggles every day. I love helping my clients get the most out of Ailo to make their jobs easier!”
“I had 187 properties on my rent roll and I was getting at least 100 emails a day. Plus routine inspections, the leases you need to get people to sign, plus everything else,” Marie said.
“You need to be very well-organised. Your to-do list is so long!”
Marie’s role at Ailo is to help property managers get the most out of the business management system. With her background, she knows exactly how Ailo can assist.
“When I first learned about Ailo, I said, ‘that’s amazing!’ It was so exciting. I wish I had Ailo when I was a PM,” Marie said.

Introducing, Jodie Morgan

Former PM and fully licensed estate agent, 15+ years experience
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“I’m here to help you spend less time on admin and more time building relationships with what’s at the heart of your business – your clients!”
“As a former property manager and a fully licensed estate agent, I intimately understand the challenges my clients work through every day, which helps me provide practical, in-context solutions,” Jodie said.
Jodie started her journey as a property manager on the Sunshine Coast, applying skills from her previous career to help clients build relationships and grow their business.
“Since then, my roles have covered the full spectrum of trust accounting, BDM, commercial and operations.
“I have extensive experience helping agencies implement sales technology into their business, and a sound understanding of how digital solutions can give agencies an edge over competitors,” Jodie said.
Jodie’s favourite thing about Ailo is “Our vision for one system to replace them all!”
“I dreamt of this when I was working in and managing property management businesses.”
“It’s my job to teach you how to get the most out of Ailo, and to ensure your and your customers’ onboarding experience is simple and hassle-free.”

Introducing, Adam Hooley

Former Ray White general manager, 20 + years’ experience
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Adam joined Ailo seven years ago. Previously, he worked as a general manager for a six-office Ray White business that managed 4,000 properties and 50 staff.
“I’ve done every role in property management from leasing, administration and trust accounting to growth and operations!” Adam said.
“As a former property management leader and business coach, I am passionate about helping property managers be the best they can be by ensuring they have the right tools and training to be successful.”

Introducing, Juliette Hughes

Currently an agency licensee, 20 + years’ experience
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“Ailo is taking away six hours per 100 properties a week, and it’s going to free up property managers to have more meaningful conversations that genuinely add value.”
Juliette puts her longevity in the industry down to the recognition her hard work gets from clients. While working at Ailo, she is still the licensee of a successful property management agency on Sydney’s Lower North Shore.
“The best part is when you get a direct referral from a current investor that’s when you know you’re doing a good job and people are noticing,” Juliette said.
“The other one is when a current tenant or a tradesperson says I've got a property and I’d like you to manage it. That’s a good news story!”
Juliette also loves helping her clients grow an asset.
“You’re partnering with your client in wealth creation and the strategy of how they’re going to increase their portfolio. The exciting part of that is being part of that wealth creation and giving them real advice. You can help them plan proactively to protect their income.”
Juliette said the reason Ailo is gaining “enormous traction” is that it takes a property manager out of the weeds of the transaction by taking care of financial tasks like receipting and chasing arrears, giving them back time for strategic relationship building with their clients.