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What makes your business different?
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01 July 2021
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“It’s about having that point of difference, something new that no one else does and it’s exciting in the marketplace... I’m watching it change and grow our business now...”

Gene Fairbanks, Director of Ray White Bowral
Dream team, Gene and Kate from Ray White Bowral (NSW), are making waves in their local community!
Thanks to Ailo, the team can position their business as genuinely different from their competitors and customers are taking notice.
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How has Ailo changed your business?

Gene: Ailo has differentiated our business 100%, because we are offering something that no one else can. It has put us at the forefront of property management, [...] and there’s already talk around town that we are the only business doing something different.

What is the future of property management?

Kate: The future of property management is very technology-focused and we want to invest in the best technology we can to service our clients in the best possible way.

What do you like about Ailo?

Kate: Ailo has really benefited us in our day-to-day jobs in the office. This allows us to free up time to get back to our landlords, bringing value to their investment properties.
Ailo is not just an app the allows us to collect rent. They have a great marketing team that we can closely work with in our listing presentations, direct mail drops, and social media campaigns!

How has Ailo helped generate new leads?

Every Wednesday I do a radio interview and an update on the market, and I got my property management team in, and we spoke about Ailo and the many benefits that is has. I got a lot of comments from clients and the public and one of the local newspapers picked up on the radio interview and decided to run an article.
It's about having that point of difference, something new that nobody else does, and it's exciting in the marketplace.

Has Ailo helped your business grow?

I'm watching Ailo change and grow our business now – it's quite amazing. As a landlord, why wouldn't you want your rent paid to you as soon as it is paid? Why wouldn't you want access to real time to be able to track your investment property and the financial side of it?
I think Ailo is amazing, and it's just going to get better and better.