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Why first time investors love Ailo
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26 May 2021

“Ailo has fundamentally changed the way that we manage our investment property.”

Meet Amanda and Edmand, first time investors who entrusted their investment property to Thrive Property NT over a year ago. One of the things they love about Thrive is that they use Ailo!
Thanks to Ailo, Amanda and Edmand are on a path to paying off their mortgage sooner as they receive their rent as soon as its paid (rather than waiting till the end of the month).
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We spoke with Amanda and Edmand to learn more about why they're enjoying Ailo.

Tell us about yourselves

Amanda: I’m Amanda (E: and I’m Edmand), we’re born and raised in Darwin, have been together for 12 years and have our first investment property with Thrive for over a year now.
One of the things we love about working with Thrive is the app they use called Ailo. Ailo has fundamentally changed the way that we manage our investment property!

What do you like about Ailo?

Edmand: Because Thrive has given us Ailo, we can now access our rental income much faster. Before we’d wait the standard fortnight or till the end of the month to receive our funds. Now we have control on accessing funds as soon as it’s received and we get to allocate it straight to our mortgage.

How has Ailo improved communication with your property manager?

Amanda: What I love about the Ailo chat function is that it gives us access to our property manager around the clock. If we’re in the middle of talking about a repair or if I have a quick question, I just open the app and send a message. Thrive have always been great communicators but since Thrive have partnered with Ailo, this has allowed us to collaborate even better!

Why would you recommend Ailo to other investors?

Amanda: I would recommend Ailo to other property investors because of the ability to manage rental income, payment of bills from your pocket, better collaboration with our Property Manager and the level of transparency all in one place, at your fingertips.