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Your cheat sheet to getting started on social media
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01 March 2022
It goes without saying, social media is prolific. 4.5 billion people are on it, socialising, shopping, learning, finding entertainment, and most importantly, investigating brands and services.
Every brand you can think of is on it. From mega stars and household names, to your cousin’s girlfriend's pet groodle. Why should property management be any different?
Landlords use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to research agencies and get a feel for the team before deciding to make contact. Anything you can do to promote your brand, expertise and services on these channels will help to convert those researchers into leads.
It doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s our simple steps to getting started.

Ease yourself in

Start with one post per week and build up from there. As long as there are a few posts that talk about your property management team or services that can be found in a scroll or two on your feed, you’re off to a great start!
Get organised with a calendar
Try using a simple social media planning calendar to remind yourself to post, and get a handy overview of what you’ve already shared. A calendar is also helpful for making note of days to acknowledge, like holidays and special occasions. It’s simple, fast, and effective to wish your followers a Merry Christmas, a Happy Easter, and don’t forget to post about national Thank a Property Manager Day!
Trello, and HubSpot have great free calendar options to help you plan.

Content ideas

What makes you better than your competition
Your audience will want to know why to choose your agency over other options. Strong selling points include investment in the latest technology, low arrears, faster income for investors, and good communication with clients. Our agencies using Ailo have had great success showcasing these benefits on their social accounts, with posts often leading to enquiries from clients as well as competitors!
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Industry insights
As a property management expert, are there insights you can share that others will find helpful? You could post once a week explaining a real estate term for your followers, share which market you predict is about to explode, or give a shout-out to your most trusted tradesperson (which they would appreciate!).

Fun stuff
Behind the scenes staff content such as morning teas, new office decor, fundraisers or someone bringing their dog into the office shows a more personable side of the business. Communicating with followers with genuine emotion can be a powerful way to connect and makes you seem more human. This is particularly good content for Stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Community highlights
Why not choose a local business to promote once a month? Take a quick photo of their business (ask permission first!), and write a short caption about what they do and why they’re great. Follow their social accounts and be sure to like and share their content. They will most likely do the same! This is great for brand building, strengthening connections with local businesses, and showing your followers that you’re an expert on the locale!
Share your successes, like thank yous from customers, pictures of new tenants in their homes, or industry awards. Good news deserves to be shared and it helps to build an image of a successful and thriving agency.
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You don’t need to be Hemingway to pen a good post! Keep your captions relatively short and professional (always check spelling and grammar), but don’t be afraid to show some personality. Emojis are an easy way to have fun (but don’t use too many, 1-2 per post max), and when posting Facebook or Instagram Stories it’s totally acceptable to use the odd sticker or animation.
Include industry hashtags
Hashtags are a great tool to align your content with your target audience. They make your posts easier to find for people who want to see content on a specific topic. You can also follow hashtags on Instagram to see content you’re interested in appear in your feed. This will also give you more ideas for what to post!
A quick search for popular hashtags for your industry will show you which to include. Choose a couple of general hashtags like #realestate and #propertymanagement and add some more specific tags to increase your chances of appearing to the right audience.