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Kiss these 25 tedious tasks goodbye with Ailo
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15 October 2021
Imagine what you could do with six whole hours back in your week. You could enjoy six deep-tissue massages, watch Titanic twice, or prepare a delicious Baked Alaska.
With Ailo, property managers can cross these 25 tedious admin tasks off their plate, so they can get back to doing what they do best: building relationships with customers.

Managing Payments and Accounting

So sayonara to:
1. Daily receipting, bank reconciliation, and writing cheques
2. Chasing rejected BPAY payments
3. Mid & End-of-month statements run
4. Chasing unidentified deposits and reversing dishonoured rent
5. One-off disbursements for investors

Tenancy Lifecycle

Wave bye bye to:
6. Checking the trust continuously to see when an applicant pays their deposit
7. Calculating and communicating the final rent payment to tenant before a property is vacated
8. Refunding overpaid rent and fees when a tenant pays past the vacate date
9. Fielding paid to date enquiries.
10. Wasted time manually processing Centrepay payments, receipting and credits. We do it all.
No more spending hours on trust accounting.
When a tenant pays rent in Ailo, those funds get sent straight to the investor. Without depending solely on the trust account, property managers can say goodbye to manual receipting, the risk of discrepancies, and auditing costs.

Arrears Management

Say au revoir to:
11. Validating whether a renter actually paid
12. Calculating rent increases to the adjusted day, and then chasing any shortfalls
13. Chasing arrears
Do you spend hours chasing arrears and having awkward conversations with landlords? We can help - with Ailo, it’s easier for renters to never miss a rent payment with features like auto-pay, handy rent reminders, and the ability to pay rent with a credit card if cash is tight one month.
“Arrears used to sit at about 11 per cent. Since we started using Ailo, it’s at zero,” Mel Morey, Hype Realty said.

Managing bills & suppliers

Say adiós to: 
14. Alerting an investor and managing trades when rent won’t cover an upcoming bill
15. Processing bond refunds even for extra repair or cleaning
16. Facilitating part-payments on large invoices, so repairs aren’t delayed
17. Asking owners of vacated or sold properties to cover bills by doing an EFT to trust, so you can disburse bills and issue statements
Tired of struggling to get busy cleaners and booked-out tradespeople to properties quickly?
“With Ailo, tradies are actually prioritising our jobs over the competition because they love how quickly they’re paid,” Trish said.

Managing your day

Say byyyyye to:
18. Scrolling through rent review reports full of expired leases
19. Cobbling together a mismatch of reports to see if you've hit weekly targets
20. Triple checking you've charged the right event-based fees
21. Following up to check your colleague completed the task you assigned them
22. Tracking signatures in multiple logins to complete a lease
23. Managing tasks with a jumble of third-party apps that don't talk to each other, and other workarounds


Say auf wiedersehen to:
24. Phone tag and lost emails
25. Trying to figure out the history of a property usually managed by one of your colleagues
Calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages… No one wants to miss messages, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the different ways clients try to reach you! Ailo’s instant messaging gives renters and investors a quick and easy way to reach you, and saves a history of conversations. No more panicking when someone in the office goes on leave!

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