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No more sandwiches over the keyboard in 2022!
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14 January 2022

Last year was pretty busy… and let’s face it, kind of crazy! Why not make 2022 the year you take some time back for YOU?

According to our customers, Ailo gives property managers around six hours back in the week (some agencies even save as much as 10 hours!) to focus on more important work (while we take care of the admin!)
Getting time back in your work week also means the opportunity to give yourself a breather. If you’re calm and focused, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll probably get through your massive to-do list even faster than you planned.
We’ve pulled together our top tips to help busy property managers find a zen moment.

Take a real lunch break (AKA, keyboards are not tables!)

We understand this one can be tough for property managers! If you’re working in the office, you have calls to answer and appointments to run to. And if you’re on the road, there’s the temptation to power through without taking a break for lunch. But there’s lots of benefits to actually taking a proper lunch break. Try to put your phone on silent for a short while. It might feel strange, but if you can be present in the moment, not only will your break feel longer, you will feel more refreshed and calm when you return to your tasks. You’ll also digest your food better if you eat slowly and mindfully!

Try a mini meditation on the move

Meditation is one of those things we know is really great for us…but who has the time?Most of us don’t have an hour free for cross-legged focus and slow breathing! If you have 15 minutes between inspections and appointments, why not try a mini meditation in the car to get centred? There’s so many great apps for meditation, and YouTube has stacks of free videos like this one by Goodful and this one by Calm to guide you. Even a short meditation will help you feel more centred. Ommm…
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Get creative

At the end of your day it’s tempting to just hop on the couch and turn on Netflix with a wine. We’re definitely not saying stop that (we love that too)…but how about trying something a little creative? Grab an adult colouring book, pot some cute succulents, or create some stunning nail art. These activities all stretch your creativity, and rejuvenate you as you relax.

Try square breathing to calm down quickly

Square breathing is a method of breathwork that combines four steps of slow inhales, breath holding, and slow exhales. Square (or box) breathing brings a physical feeling of calm.
If you have ever been running late, dealing with an upset client, or just feeling overwhelmed, you’ll notice the signs - fast, shallow breathing, a pounding heart, and maybe feeling overheated and generally panicked. No fun at all. Square breathing is a quick way to regain some zen.
Just like with meditation, there’s heaps of helpful apps and videos to guide you through. Even a quick Instagram search for “square” or “box breathing” will bring up some helpful visual guides, showing you exactly when to hold and release your breath.
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Eat the frog!

Sounds gross, but works a treat! Eat the frog is a productivity method that basically means that when you start work you grab the toughest task you have to get done (the frog!) and complete it first thing, with as little distraction as humanly possible. The idea behind this method is that it stops you stressing and procrastinating on tricky tasks by diving right into them. By the time it’s your coffee break you’ll have crossed off the toughest task/frog on your daily list. So hop to it!

Stay hydrated (with more than coffee!)

Honestly, how many of us drink enough water every day? Most of us can’t live without our daily coffees, but try to supplement them with lots of water if you can. Slowly increase your intake over a number of days by doing simple things like placing a jug of water by your desk or setting reminders in your phone. Don’t forget herbal tea, cold infused teas, and flavoured waters all go toward your daily water intake.
Staying hydrated actually helps our brains work better, keeping us more alert and focused, and calmer. Added benefits: it’s great for your skin and digestion, which can suffer if you’re stressed. There’s heaps of fun apps like Plant Nanny and Aloe Bud that track your water intake for a bit of added encouragement.
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Get your body moving

Exercise can have a BIG impact on your stress levels. It might seem time consuming, and even expensive, but there are lots of fast and free sessions on YouTube. No need to spend big with gym or yoga studio memberships! Check out these awesome dance workouts, and this 30 day yoga program - all for free!
If you prefer something more low-impact (particularly if you’ve been on your feet running to appointments all day long) what about a nice stroll in the evening? Listen to your fave music, call a friend, or just enjoy the downtime and fresh air quietly. If you’ve got a furry friend to walk with, even better! Pets have a fantastic effect on our mental health.