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You know you’re a property manager when…
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22 October 2021
Property managers, we see you.
Real estate expert, relationship manager, master tradie negotiator, landlord-tenancy laws guru… Today’s property managers wear more hats and have more skills than ever before.
And while every day is certainly a new adventure, there are a few (hysterical) telltale signs when you’ve unlocked property manager veteran status. Here are a few of them, according to our in-house team of property managers and clients. How many can you tick off?

You know you’re a property manager when...

  1. You walk into the room and the first thing you see is... bugs in the light fitting. And you know you’re going to have to get those out when the resident vacates. 🪳😱
  2. You walk into a kitchen and you can automatically tell the difference between a 600 and a 900 cooktop. 😎
  3. Alarm bells start going off when someone says “I am the best tenant you’ve ever met.”
  4. You start to sweat when an owner says “I want to leave all of my own whitegoods”. (That’s not going to work out well for anyone.) 😬
  5. The owner says, “we’ve got a car spot BUT”. That means it’s not a real spot and no car will fit there...but they want you to advertise it with that anyway.
  6. You see a freshly polished floor and your heart starts racing. Or polished floors and a dog. It’s like a recipe for disaster!
  7. An applicant says, “what do you classify as a pet”? This generally means the applicant is asking about... a snake. 🐍
  8. When customers lose their keys, call you at 10pm and say, "can you come and open the door for me?" 🔑
  9. You’re asked to sign a lease agreement at 6 or 7pm. (’s wine time!) 🍷
  10. When you work on commission and receive the first rent week of your new business and then treat yourself to something nice!
  11. You’re obsessed with awards night (and spend several months choosing the perfect outfit). And so you should be...we know property managers work super hard! 👗
Wondering how we know all this? Our Ailo experts have around 50 years’ combined experience in the property management world! Their expertise helps us create a fab product that helps make your job easier and more rewarding.
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