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5 powerful ways Ailo helps you stand out from your competitors
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01 October 2021
Standing out from the crowd is critical when it comes to winning new managements, locking in future listings and driving growth. But how do you make an unforgettable impression (without touching your fees!) when everyone claims to have “great customer service”?
Investing in new technology like Ailo can be a powerful way to gain a compelling and provable competitive edge – and, importantly, help you deliver unique and personalised experiences for customers.
Here are five powerful ways Ailo will help you stand out from your competition and offer a quality of service never before seen in the industry.

1. They send monthly paper statements. You give 24/7 access to all the things via a world-class mobile app.

Unprecedented visibility means no surprises for property investors. With Ailo, you can offer 24/7 access to upcoming rent payments, repairs, and expenses, so your clients can track their cash flow in real-time in the palm of their hand.
Candice is an investor with Perspective Property, and she loves not having to wait until the end of the month for statements.
“I can see that my tenants have paid rent on time, I can see when bills are due, and make sure everything is ticking along exactly as I hoped it would,” she said.

2. They disburse rent monthly or fortnightly. You pay landlords instantly.

You help investors pay off their mortgage faster by automatically disbursing their income as soon as rent is paid. Investors love not waiting for the end of the month!
Claire Dobie is an investor with Ray White Euroa, and said Ailo has let her set up mortgage payments in a way that suits her.
“I can see when the money hits my bank account, enabling me to pay my mortgage every week instead of monthly, and the best part about that is that it brings my overall interest down, which will keep any investor happy.”
Meet Clair, she pays off her mortgage faster with Ailo
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3. They pay bills when there’s enough rent. You offer way more options to maximise cash flow.

Your clients don’t have to keep rental income sitting around, not earning interest and waiting for a bill anymore. Give them the option to cover expenses with rent, or auto pay bills when they’re actually due (and not a moment sooner!) with a credit card to maximise cash flow or boost rewards points.
Trish Williams, Senior Property Manager with Ray White Redbank Plains, said their landlords “absolutely love” having more visibility on upcoming expenses.
"Now they get alerted automatically when a large bill pops up, and they can choose to pay it that day with a card,” she said.

4. They chase arrears. You use tech to ensure tenants are never late.

You make it easier for tenants to never miss a payment with auto-pay, rent reminders, and the ability to pay rent with a credit card if cash is tight one month.
Hype Realty is a big fan of the way Ailo has reduced their arrears from 11 per cent to zero. Hype Principal Mel Morey said they “barely think” about arrears now.
Landlords are also taking notice. When Hype switched to Ailo, one of their landlords was “delighted” to see rental income arriving in his Ailo wallet more regularly.
“Giving our clients faster access to their funds is a definite bonus!” said Shannon Wheatley, Hype co-owner/manager.

5. They play phone tag. You offer real-time live chat.

You offer live in-app chat for faster responses and updates, keeping conversations all in one place.
Customers don’t just like instant messaging, they actually expect it these days. It’s now the communication channel for 1-in-2 consumers.
Using a business management platform like Ailo is a powerful way to send a message to clients that your business is looking to the future and innovating. This doesn’t just make life easier for your staff and clients, it gives you a strong selling point.
“Ailo has differentiated our business 100%, because we are offering something that no one else can,” said Gene Fairbanks, Ray White Bowral Principal.
“It has put us at the forefront of property management, and there’s already talk around town that we are the only business doing something different.”

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