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An average agency on Ailo is anything but average
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14 January 2022
In life and in business, no-one really wants to be called ‘average’...except if you’re an agency using Ailo!
The average agency on Ailo enjoys some pretty spectacular benefits -  from time and money saved, to slashed arrears, happier tradies and impressed investors.
But don’t just take our word for it, here is what our data and our customers say!

On average, an agency on Ailo…

…sees a 65% reduction in overdue tenancies within the first month

We make it easy for tenants to pay rent on time with handy auto-pay options, 24/7 visibility on paid-to dates in app, rent reminders, and the option of paying rent with a credit card if funds are tight one month.
Before Ailo, Hype Realty (QLD) had their arrears sitting at about 11 per cent.
“Since we started using Ailo, it’s at zero. We barely think about arrears now!” said Mel Morey, Principal at Hype Realty.
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…saves 6 hours per week

On average Ailo users save six precious hours every week on time-consuming admin.
Instead, they spend their time on value-adding work like more frequent client updates and testing new strategies to grow their rent roll. Juliette Hughes from Apex Property Management said property managers should definitely get onboard with Ailo because it really frees up their time.
“Functionally it takes away the heavy lifting of portfolio management and then you can focus on your clients, which is really what we're here for,” Juliette said.
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…delivers property investors their funds faster

Rather than waiting till the end of the month, Ailo agencies give investors the option to access their rental income as soon as it's paid - even if paid in advance!
This means investors can start putting their funds to use sooner, and have the option to reduce their interest by making more frequent mortgage repayments.
Ailo uses the latest payments technology (NPP) so investors can instantly transfer funds from Ailo to an eligible bank account within minutes, instead of waiting the usual 1-2 business days.
“I told an investor, ‘No-one else in town has got it, and you get paid right away’.  She was absolutely stoked and thought it was fantastic,” said Penny McManus, Business Development Manager and Leasing Associate, Ray White Batemans Bay (NSW).
“The investor now has so much flexibility and transparency, they can see what monies are coming in and going out in real-time.”
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…secures better tradies, faster

A simple way to secure the best tradies in your area? Let them know that with Ailo, you can pay them faster!
Before Ailo, the team at Ray White Batemans Bay in NSW had to manually pay tradies for maintenance and repair jobs twice a month. This changed once they joined Ailo, as Ailo automates payments from accruing rental funds.
“Being a small local area, we have tradies who really appreciate being paid straight away and can’t afford to wait,” said Catherine Wells, Senior Property Manager.
“When we mention how quickly they can get paid now that we use Ailo, they are super happy and far more likely to take our jobs.


Agencies on Ailo can confidently say that they enable faster payments for property investors, and give renters more ways to pay. A real point of difference and a fantastic selling point that can be promoted to convert more leads!
Apex Property (NSW) uses Ailo as a solid selling point for their business: “Any business can say that they offer a good service or that they help their clients maximise their investment, but how many can prove it? With Ailo I actually can,” said Juliette Hughes, Apex Property Management Licensee.

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