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15 quick ideas for lead generation
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23 February 2022
A steady stream of new business is vital to the longevity and growth of an agency.
Unfortunately however, it’s not often a ‘if you build it, they will come” situation (yes, we just quoted Field of Dreams. It’s a late 80’s classic).
Drumming up leads takes hard work, regardless of whether you are new to the game or a well established property manager. It also takes creativity... which let’s be honest, can be hard to come by when you’re already super busy.
But fear not! Ailo has a team of experts who’ve tried and tested many ideas for lead generation over the years, and they’re happy to share them with you…

Let’s get growing

1. Do a “Leased in 3 days” letterbox drop
Did you just lease a property at record speed? It might sound old school, but a simple DL flyer promoting how efficiently your agency operates is a great way to share good news and attract new local clients.
2. Connect with property investors on Linkedin
It’s a simple, professional way to get in touch with local property investors. (While you’re on Linkedin, check out your profile. Make sure your photo, role and descriptions are up-to-date!)
3. Offer free rental appraisals for any investor looking to buy
Take out an advertisement or post on social media about this offer.
4. Connect with self-managing landlords
Self-managing landlords have been doing it tough during the pandemic. Between non-payment of rent and trying to understand the related legislation, there’s a chance they’re now ready for the assistance and expertise of a property manager.
The two best ways to connect with these landlords is via their online advertising, or when you’re doing tenant reference checks and happen to speak to one - ask them about their experiences self-managing the property and see what their response is. They may well be ready for a change!
5. Write a blog on getting a property ready for lease
Share your expertise! A blog doesn't have to be long or overly detailed and it will help build your image as an industry expert.
6. Have a weekly coffee with a tradie
Building connections with your local tradies is a win-win. By getting to know them, they are more likely to refer you as an agent that they know and trust. You’ll also learn if there’s anything you can do to make their job easier, which in turn helps secure quality tradespeople to take your agency’s jobs. This agency won over their local tradies by using Ailo so they get paid faster.
7. Book a radio slot to talk about the market
Why not share your expertise with your community? A regular spot will help build brand awareness as well as a profile for yourself and your agency. Being recognised as an industry expert is powerful and can be used to an agency's advantage! Ask if you can do a pre-record, which is easier to fit into a busy schedule (and less pressure than live radio).
8. Hold online “Ask Me Anything” sessions with the community
This opens up a two-way dialogue with your most important market - your local community. A simple Skype meeting online will do the job. Advertise it on your social media or in local community publications and noticeboards. Make it fairly short and informal, and don’t forget to share your contact details at the end.
9. Attend Open For Inspections and offer information packs
Chat to investors and/or leave listing kits at opens. The more you get your face out there and promote your expertise, the more familiar future investors will become with you!
10. Interview a landlord, and ask them to talk about what they like about your services
“Interview” sounds formal, but it’s really just a conversation with a specific direction in mind. Select a landlord you know has positive opinions and can express them eloquently, and listen to their insights into your business. Use their positive quotes for your website or social media as testimonials (ask their permission first). Testimonials are invaluable as they’re an excellent social proof that promotes your business to prospective clients
11. Practice your new listings pitch with a friend
The key to this is collaborating with an honest friend! Ask what you can improve. Is your pitch clear enough? Are you using too much industry jargon, or could a regular person without your industry expertise understand it? Remember to keep things short and sharp. This is where having an objective listener really helps.
12. Review your Listing Kit
This is a task that can be easily forgotten when you’re super busy. (Which in property management, is all the time!) Set a reminder in your calendar to check the information every few months and make sure it’s up to date with your current offering. For example, have you recently invested in new technology that sets you apart from your competitors?
13. Book a demo with Ailo!
Check out the latest in industry technology to make your job easier! As well as giving investors fast access to their income, significantly reducing dependency on your trust account, and improving communication with clients, Ailo gives you a solid selling point - it’s an investment for your agency that you will want to boast about!
14. Review your website and make sure it’s up to date.
Are there broken links or old imagery? In a busy agency, it’s easy to let these things slide, but your website is an incredibly important tool for gaining new clients. For many, it will be the first place they look for information about your agency. Mark a day in your calendar once every couple of months to quickly review your site, fix broken links, and update photos.
15. Get active on social media
Social media is a fantastic way to promote your agency and generate leads. Just like your website, Facebook and Instagram are among the first places your leads will research your agency before they reach out. Anything you can do to promote your brand, expertise and services on these channels will help to convert those researchers into leads. See our simple steps to social success.